Yes, those really are paintings.

Paintings by the magnificent Diego Gravinese, an Argentinian-born artist. I became knowledgeable of his works a few days ago after seeing a series of  his paintings featured on an online art blog I currently follow. Originally I looked at the images and thought they were mere still life photographs of nude models embracing each other in a retro setting, but when I researched into the artist I found it was much, much more than that. The above paintings were completed as part of the same series between the years 2007-2008 using Oil on canvas and are entitled “Coloso” and “The Method”. Both paintings and Gravinese’s style in general all remind me slightly of works by David Hockney although Gravinese’s work is a lot more detailed and comprises of more depth. His work seems to delve into another universe, a retro world of art and style and that is why I believe his works show a link to Hockney. There’s a slight feeling of glamour but in the terms of rough-cut crystals instead of priceless diamonds. I am so pleased to have found Gravinese as I believe his fabulous works will hopefully encourage and inspire my own work as a still-life artist. 

Information and a full collection of his works can be accessed on the official online website 

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